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Our Dogs; Tchangkus Kennel

In memory lives my first TT; Kuai Le Gous Godrick Ganandorf- Rick, 6/6 2003- 9/10 2008.


And Schantis Sally Lamleh- Sally. Swedish gold winning tibetian terrier bitch 2009   25/9 2004- 1/5 2014


And Kuai Le Gous Manosch Miró- Blixten(Flasch), not living in our house


And Kuai Le Gous Od Ma Zer- Ozzy, allsow not living with us



Now we have Tchangku's Benu



 And our Baby Tchangku's Brahma



 And so we have two more dogs from Austria in bigining of oct 2012  


 Ciqala Nani Nitika "Nani"



And her son Nava Naima Esani "Sani" 24/12 2010- 16/07 2015, father of our D-litter.


And finaly from our Dlitter, Tchangku's Devi




The kennels A-litter only one male dog was born; Tchangkus Atlas 13/12 2007.

Bitch was Sally and male was Rick.



The kennels B-litter was biger- 3 male and 7 bitch, born 28/09 2011

Bitch was Sally and male Tintavon Valdirio



C-Litter 2 male, born 29/4 2014

Bitch was Nani and male was Flash



D-Litter allsow big with 1 male and 8 Girls was born 22/11 2014

Bitch was Benu and male was Sani



My name is Mia Wulff, and Im living close to Östersund, Jämtland



 If there is anything you wonder about you are wery welcome to get in touch with me; 070 362 99 13,

My mail is, and you can find me on facebook on Mia Charlotta Wulff ore just drop a line here on the gestbook(gästbok). Thanks for the wisit....